Beer Butt Chicken

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing that you can do to a chicken. I am sure they never thought that it would all end with them on a grill with a beer can shoved up its butt, but sometimes this is the way it works.

This is a great way to cook chicken though and it is one of my families favorites. Luckily, it is also very simple to do.

  • First, prep your chicken. 
    Take a whole chicken an remove any internal organs that might still be in the carcass. Rinse the bird and place it in a brine for up to 24 hours. Here is a simple brine recipe of mine. Nothing fancy is needed but you can add some onions and garlic to your brine if you like.
  • Next, set your grill up for indirect heat.
    Get your coals heating up. I like to use a chimney style charcoal starter. It lets you use plain newspaper to start your coals instead of lighter fluid. It also provides perfect coals. When they are ready, pour them out on half of the grill, leaving the other side empty for your chicken to receive the indirect heat.
  • Degrade your chicken.
    Now it is time to humiliate that bird. Season to taste and then shove an empty beer can up the poultry’s butt. Put a little beer or fruit juice in the can for flavor and humidity.
  • Place the chicken on the grill.
    Place the chicken on the grill, standing up with the help of the beer can. You might have to do a little balancing of the bird to get it to stand up without falling. Add a couple pieces of hickory or mesquite wood to the coals to get a nice smoke flavor.
  • Cook.
    Cook the bird for 60 to 90 minutes or until the interior temperature of the meat is 165 degrees. I like to take mine to 170 if I brine it. The brine helps keep the meat from drying out and I find it is a bit more tender if it cooks just a bit longer. A good instant read thermometer is a nice investment and will prove valuable here.
  • Rest your meat.
    When they are done, pull them off and set them aside. Place a foil tent over the chickens and let them rest a few minutes before serving. This will let the temperature stabilize and allow moisture to redistribute.

That is it, now just cut up your bird and serve. I usually just cut them in half and give everybody a half chicken but cut it down as you like. Got leftovers? Pull the chicken and save it for a number of easy meals later like chicken tacos or pulled chicken sandwiches.

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