Is Their Barbecue In Seattle?

Today, I am going to write a short review about a place that I found while on a work trip in Seattle, Washington. I do not often get to leave restaurant reviews but I though that this place  deserved the time.

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Seattle on a business trip. I was very excited to go even though it was for work I knew that I would be able to sneak away at some point from the group and do a little site seeing. For those of you that do not know, I work in the loan industry, specifically the sub prime market. So, this trip would deal with payday loans in greater Seattle WA which is probably of little interest to you. Still, thought I would give you a bit of background.

The real question that I had in mind was if their was any real barbecue in Seattle. When you think about Seattle, you mainly think about the Space Needle and the fish markets. BBQ is far from your mind but it is never far from mine. So I decided to check out Yelp and find the best barbecue restaurant that I could in the area.

What I came up with was Jacks BBQ. It had hundreds of reviews, mostly good so why not give it a try. I arrived in Seattle on Tuesday with the intent of getting to work early on Wednesday. Most of the others hit the hotel and called it a night, ordering room service or what have you. Me, I dropped off my bags and took off out the door. It was almost 8 O’clock  Seattle time which was 10 O’clock Texas time but I was wired from the flight.

Jack’s bills itself as the Best Texas BBQ in Seattle and I wanted to see for myself. What I liked the most when I looked up this place was the fact that they actually use Mesquite. It seems like most places outside of Texas shun this wonderful wood. I love the strong flavor and smell of a mesquite smoked BBQ. Most other states favor woods like Oak or Hickory. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Hickory but Oak, to me is the most boring of woods. Might as well use charcoal.

When I got to Jack’s I chose the brisket plate which came with a couple of sides. I chose ranch beans and potato salad. The brisket was well smoked with a nice pink line and they use a simple salt and pepper rub. This showcases the smoke flavor. Even though I prefer a slightly spicier rub, it was quite good. The sides were just average in my mind but they were not poor quality by any means. The star in any BBQ joint is the meat though and sides almost become a pallet cleanser. They serve the meal on butcher paper with white bread, much like Rudy’s does in Texas.

Overall, I would give it 4.5 stars out of five if I was doing a rating. It was a bit pricey at almost $20 for a brisket plate but I have to keep in mind that I am used to Texas prices. Everything is going to be a bit more expensive in Seattle I am sure.

If you ever have the fortune to be in Seattle and feel like a taste of home, I would definitely recommend taking a trip over to Jack’s

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