Shout Out For A Great Carpet Cleaner

Just wanted to give a shout out to a great carpet cleaner in Texas. As a smoking aficionado, I throw a whole lot of parties. As you might guess, that leads to a house that gets pretty dirty. I was thinking of having the carpet replaced but then a friend referred me to James. James owns and operates a carpet cleaning service in Dallas. I researched the price of new carpet at Home Depot and nearly had a cardiac arrest. So instead, I gave James a call and here is what happened.

First, I gave him a call and it was after hours so I got the voicemail. The voicemail directed me to a website though where I could schedule online. Not just a schedule request, but an actual booking form. So I did so and found an appointment just a few days away. I signed up for it and the scheduling program even gave me the price for my carpet cleaning.

On the day of the carpet cleaning, James gave me a call thirty minutes prior to his arrival and then showed up and got right to work. I had my living room carpet and three of my bedrooms cleaned. He pre-vacuumed and even moved some light furniture.  It took him a little over an hour to get the job done and when he finished, the carpet looked great. Cost? About $150 with tax and it was well worth it. It would have cost me thousands to replace the carpet. After he finished, it took a little over 4 hours for it to completely dry. I did it in the morning so it was all good to go by the time the kiddos got home.

I decided to right this because I really like to support local businesses and James seems like a nice guy. We also had a discussion about smoking meat so he is a fellow BBQ’er. If you got to support a carpet cleaner, why not choose one that appreciates smoke.

It has been over a month now and the carpet still looks great so I could not recommend his service more. If you need a carpet cleaner, give Prodigy Clean a call at 972-999-1361. I believe he serves most of Dallas and Collin county.

Carpet Before

Carpet After Cleaning

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